How to use a shoe as a ‘gateway drug’ for other drugs: Researchers

Researchers in Australia and the United Kingdom have discovered a way to “gateway” heroin from the streets into the bloodstream of the user.

Researchers found that heroin users who used a shoe-sized piece of synthetic drug called “n-methyl-D-aspartate” could be exposed to the drug in the bloodstream while injecting heroin.

The drug, which is made by a British company called Soma, has been linked to heroin-related deaths in Europe.

The study was published online on Tuesday by the Journal of Drug Safety.

A person injects heroin with a piece of plastic, called a “n”-methyl-d-asparaginyl acetate (NMDA) blocker, which contains a compound that blocks the actions of a specific receptor in the brain called NMDA-type 2A.

The blocker binds to a protein called NMDAR, which has been shown to be critical in the transmission of the opioid painkiller to the brain.

Researchers injected heroin users with NMDARS after injecting them with saline containing the drug, and then tested the users’ blood for traces of the drug.

After testing, the users showed a drop in the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

A few days later, researchers found that the drug had been injected into the blood of the participants, and it appeared to be reaching the brain through the injection site.

The researchers also found that NMDars can cross the blood-brain barrier, which blocks the drug from entering the brain, and enter the bloodstream and enter users’ bloodstream.

NMDar-type blockers are a relatively new class of drugs.

They have been approved in the U.S. for the treatment of a variety of conditions, including pain, insomnia and anxiety.

In the U, they’re commonly prescribed to treat patients with multiple sclerosis, and to treat some type of stroke, including acute myeloid leukemia.

But the researchers’ work is a bit different.

The substance that they found in the blood stream could have originated from an injection site in a person’s veins, and potentially made its way into the brain by way of the injection drug.

That’s because when an injected substance enters the brain and hits a receptor in a nerve cell, that receptor releases a neurotransmitter that triggers the body to release a protein that can activate the chemical messenger that the nerve cell is sending signals to.

The protein is called “neurotransmitter-activated protein kinase,” or NTPK, and can be activated by the presence of heroin.

NTPSK also can activate NMDAs, which are a class of NMDas that can be released when heroin is injected into a nerve center in the body.

This protein, known as the n-methyld- aspartate (NMDAA) blocker protein, has also been shown in other studies to block the action of NNAs in mice.

This means that the researchers were able to make the same protein in mice, and in the human bloodstream, by injecting them heroin, and testing them for traces.

This research is interesting because it shows that it’s possible to find the NMDAA blocker protein in the environment of an injected drug user, and that this protein could have been released from an injecting site in the user’s veins.

What do you think?

Should heroin be considered a gateway drug for other opioids?

Share your thoughts below.

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