How to stop being a jerk in the workplace

When it comes to being a good boss, being a dick is the name of the game.

If you want to become a jerk, the best way to get there is to become more like your boss.

Here are seven ways to stop becoming a jerk.


Stop being a passive-aggressive asshole.

If someone calls you a jerk at work, don’t let that bother you.

It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the criticism or the blame, just that it’s not the focus of your workplace.


Stop using words like “slut” or “whore” to describe women.

If your boss says something mean to you, that is not a compliment.

Don’t respond with a “fuck you” or a “I’m sorry,” instead, use words like, “I didn’t mean that,” or “I’ll have to change my way of talking.”


Stop making a show of being the boss.

If a coworker calls you out for using the word “fucking,” or for calling someone a slut, that’s not good enough.

If the coworker starts laughing at your comment, stop laughing, then respond with something like, “…

I know you don`t want to talk about this but…”


Stop getting offended when someone is rude.

This is a good rule of thumb, but it is a bit tricky to follow.

Most people don’t get offended when others insult them or try to humiliate them.

The key is to try to respond with humor, not a verbal attack.

You are the boss and you should treat everyone the way you want them to treat you.


Stop taking it personally when someone says, “You don’t look good in a skirt.”

While some of these comments may be meant as a compliment, don`s not have to be.

If somebody tells you that you look great in a tuxedo or jeans, you can respond with, “Sorry, I don` t have a tauxedo or a skirt right now.”


Stop treating people as if they are your property.

A good coworker is someone who respects and respects others.

If an employee doesn’t like you, it doesn’t matter what you wear, what you look like, what profession you are in.

That employee should just get over it and leave.


Stop trying to be the center of attention when you talk.

If people are looking at you, they should be focused on you, not your colleagues.

If they are focused on someone else, they won’t be paying attention to you.

Sources: The Hill, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, Slate

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