Why Diabetic Shoes Can Help You Lose Weight and Stay Fit

New research suggests that wearing shoes with special cushions could help you lose weight and stay fit. 

According to a study published in the journal PLOS One, a team of researchers at The Ohio State University found that wearing cushions in diabetic shoes significantly reduced the rate at which fluid lost from the feet became trapped in the shoes. 

In other words, the shoes made your feet feel less restrictive. 

But the team didn’t look at whether the cushions actually made a difference in how quickly fluid was removed from the shoes, so this is a bit of a hunch. 

The study looked at 6,726 men and women between the ages of 26 and 62, and they were asked to wear one of five different kinds of diabetic shoes, including the classic “classic” shoes, which look like sneakers. 

One of the cushioned shoes was a type that had an “intra-thick layer” of padding, and the other three were all of the other cushion types. 

There was one significant difference between the cushion types, however, which the researchers say is that some cushions were more restrictive than others, and this made it difficult to breathe through the shoe. 

So the team decided to see if they could find out how much of the air a pair of diabetic-made shoes reduced in the first year of use. 

They found that the cushion type with the most restrictive airflow had the most impact on the flow of fluid through the shoes when they were used. 

This is the effect that the researchers were looking for, the researchers wrote. 

Using a different kind of shoe, they found that a cushion type that reduced the flow slightly did not have the same effect, so the researchers concluded that the effect of the cushion was more like the difference between a thick layer of foam and a thin layer of cotton. 

It’s not the first time that cushions have been linked to weight loss. 

Cushions also reduce the chance of a foot getting infected by bacteria in the stool, which helps to reduce the risk of foot infections. 

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have also looked at the effect cushions can have on fluid retention in diabetes-caused infections.

The researchers found that cushion-based footwear reduced the amount of fluid that got trapped in diabetic feet. 

While the cushion effect might be a new one for the research, it’s not a new idea. 

Earlier this year, researchers at the European Union found that when you use a cushion-type shoe with a high flow rate, the cushion also reduces the amount that gets trapped in your feet, and that’s because of the low flow rate. 

You might think this would mean that cushioning would help prevent feet from getting infected. 

That’s not what they found. 

What’s more, the research team found that while the amount lost through the air in the cushion affected the flow rate of the shoes at the same time that the flow was reduced, the effect was not statistically significant. 

“The effect of cushioning is not statistically relevant to the effect on fluid loss through the foot or other factors that influence the effect,” the researchers write. 

More: This article originally appeared on  MEL Magazine

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