What are your favorite Crocs shoes? (4)

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Get your answers by posting in the Crocs subreddit, and we’ll pick the ones that we think are the best.

If you’ve got questions or comments about these reviews, feel free to ask away.

Crocs has had a tough year in terms of sales, and this was the first time in several years that the company has seen a dip in sales.

In a new article for Polygon, the company says that the “market for casual shoes continues to grow, as brands continue to release new and better casual shoes.”

But that’s not to say that sales are down: “We believe that the future of casual footwear is bright and the trend is likely to continue,” the company said.

Croc-branded shoes will be available for sale in retailers across the United States beginning on August 10, though the company did not specify where they will be sold.

The Crocs brand has been on the rise for years.

In fact, the Croc brand has a reputation for being one of the best-selling footwear brands in the world, with the brand accounting for $1.2 billion in sales in 2015.

It’s a testament to the brand’s popularity that it managed to keep pace with the growth of other casual footwear brands.

But that growth has also coincided with the rise of new brands, like Crocs, which has been taking off.

The company is also introducing a new shoe, the Xtreme X, in 2019, which features a new rubber outsole and a more comfortable heel.

While Crocs still makes the X, it’s expected that the shoe will be discontinued in 2018.

The most recent sales data for Crocs comes from the third quarter of 2016, and it shows that sales were down 2.2 percent, or $9.2 million.

This is likely due to the fact that Crocs’ shoe lineup has grown over the last couple of years, including the XTreme X and Crocs-exclusive Crocs V2, which were released in 2019.

Crocos also launched a new, limited edition Crocs X. Crocats’ footwear is now sold in the United Kingdom, and the brand is now offering an exclusive Crocs Black for sale.

It remains to be seen if Crocs will continue to expand its casual footwear lineup or whether it will go back to making its shoes for casual use.

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