Which of these five ‘famous’ footwear brands are worth saving?

Some of the top footwear brands have been underperforming lately and we’re looking at a few of the companies with strong brands in this category.

Top 5 brands to save the day:Apex: A pair of sneakers that’s got the right color, design and brand to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a world of luxury.

This pair is so versatile that it could even be considered a dress shoe.

Boots by Hava: A popular brand with a very loyal following, this pair of sandals is a perfect complement to any outfit.

Leatherman: A great value brand that’s popular with the fashion crowd.

Mazda: This brand has made a name for itself in the outdoor-minded market.

New Balance: A shoe brand that has been gaining a cult following among young women and men, these are also one of the best value brands in the industry.

Under Armour: A footwear brand that started in the outdoors, this brand has always had a strong presence in the footwear market and has developed a loyal following among women.

Vertex: A brand that is famous for its footwear and fitness products, this is a great value.

Vortex: This is a brand that sells a wide variety of outdoor shoes, including hiking boots.

Hemsworth: A long-running brand that does well in the apparel category, these boots are great for women.

Other popular brands to keep an eye out for:Adidas: This footwear brand is known for its minimalist design and well-made boots.

This makes them great for both men and women.

Fendi: A fashion brand that combines fashion and technology in a beautiful way, this shoe brand has an incredible following.

Nike: This shoes brand has been doing well for a long time and has been on a strong growth curve.

Lululemon: This shoe brand is a big seller for women and has a strong following.

This article was originally published in November, 2018.

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