Women’s hiking boots for men are ‘a must’

Women’s footwear is “a must” for hiking and backpacking because it offers a “safe and comfortable” alternative to a barefoot-style approach, according to research published in the journal Nature Communications.

The study by researchers at the University of Cambridge and the University College London found that women’s footwear had a “strong and enduring impact” on walking, running, swimming, and climbing.

“We found that while shoes were useful for short-term comfort and comfort during exercise, they also helped to reduce the risk of injury and death,” study author Dr Rachel McVay, from the Department of Health, Physical Activity and Sport at the university, said.

“Our findings suggest that women should consider footwear when travelling or on short breaks,” she said.

The researchers compared data from more than 11,000 female hikers from 10 countries to more than 2,500 men who had similar footwear requirements.

They found that footwear for men was less prone to cracking than for women.

For example, men who wore a lightweight boot were more likely to have cracked knees and elbows.

And for women, the risk was similar.

In addition, the researchers found that the risk to women from wearing shoes while hiking increased with distance.

“It’s clear that women have a lower risk of developing ankle or wrist injuries,” McVie said.

But the study didn’t look at the effect of footwear on walking.

“This was because of the high number of injuries from hiking that were not clearly related to footwear,” McVahey said.

“Our study does not allow us to assess the impact of footwear or its effect on walking distance, however, the fact that women are more likely than men to suffer a knee or elbow injury from hiking suggests that they might have less protection.”

The study also found that men who walked with shoes had more frequent falls, a higher likelihood of sustaining injuries to their ankles, and a greater likelihood of a fall in the first 24 hours after the injury.

For women, there was no difference in the likelihood of injuries, although the women were more prone to falls and injuries to the legs and hands than the men.

The research is published in Nature Communications and was funded by the UK’s National Health Service.


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