NFL ‘cancels’ ‘Tyson T-shirts’ code, but doesn’t rule out ‘Bud’ codes

Updated May 18, 2018 06:59:29When you’ve had a lot of money in your pocket and a lot more to spend, you might want to think about spending on something a little different than just a football jersey.

That’s what the NFL is doing, with the introduction of the “TysonT-shirts.”

The T-shirt has been created by a group of sports fans who’ve put their own twist on the classic Nike T-Shirt design, but they’ve been designed to look a little more like the real thing, which is why the NFL won’t be issuing any official codes for them.

“We’re really just trying to create a new jersey for fans who really enjoy the game of football,” the NFL said in a statement.

“There’s no official code, we don’t have a rulebook, and we don-t want to impose a uniform that’s already a part of the NFL.”

The NFL has been cracking down on its players and fans for years, and the “Bud” code was one of the first to go.

The codes are used to restrict the number of fans who can attend each home game and the number that can enter a stadium.

The NFL said it will be making some adjustments to the “Cadillac codes” to address the new rules.

But the league’s statement didn’t specifically say what those changes would be.

The “T-shirt” is a way to get fans more involved with their favorite team.

It’s not actually the first time the NFL has had a code for the T-SHIRT.

It was first introduced in 2001, and was originally called the “No-Shirts.”

The league has previously issued codes to encourage fans to dress in team colors, like the “Ducks’ blue and white” for the Minnesota Vikings and the white jerseys for the Houston Texans.

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