‘Gentlemen’s footwear’ says its founder Robert Wayne has died from cancer

Robert Wayne Wayne was one of the world’s most influential footwear designers, with an influence on fashion as far afield as China and the United States.

His work in this area has been so important to fashion that his son, Robert Wayne, says he would have been the first person to be considered for the coveted shoes of the ‘new man’.

His shoes were the first in the industry to feature the heel cushioning technique, a way of creating a soft, cushiony fit without the need for a heel.

In addition, his designs were revolutionary in the field of men’s footwear.

In addition to the iconic leather and nylon sneakers that were ubiquitous in the late 1950s, the firm was also famous for its sportswear, including the classic Nike Air Jordan sneakers that became iconic among the masses of America.

Robert Wayne was born in 1929 in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a father who was a shoe salesman and a mother who was the sole breadwinner for their family.

His family owned a shoe factory and he was taught to sew by his grandmother.

When Robert Wayne was a teenager, he became a shoe maker and eventually became a partner in a shoe company.

He moved to New York City in 1955 to pursue a career in the shoe industry.

His first shoe design was the leather Air Jordan, which sold for more than $3 million.

He later created the Air Max, which was also a success.

After the Air Jordan’s success, Wayne went on to create several other shoes, including Air Max II, Air Jordan II and Air Max III.

In 1961, he and a group of associates formed Gentlemen’s Shoes, which became the first footwear brand in the world to focus on men’s style.

In 1972, Wayne and a team of designers created the Nike Air Max sneaker.

The shoe became a hit, and it was named “the shoe of the decade” by Time magazine.

Wayne continued to design and sell shoes for Nike for more years than he ever thought possible.

He sold his firm in 1982, and in 1989 he passed away.

He was 81.

In a statement released by Nike, the company said that the company would extend its sincere condolences to the family of Robert Wayne.

Waynes death was announced on Wednesday by the company, which is based in the U.K.

Waynte was a lifelong fan of Nike.

In his autobiography, ‘Walking Shoes’, he recounted the time he bought a pair of the Air Jordans.

He recalled seeing the Air Force One, the first Boeing 747 to be built.

Wayn, who had an office in New York, had his own personal shoemaker and would make shoes for him at his house in Cincinnati.

Wayns son, Ryan, said that he hopes his father’s death will bring awareness to the importance of the craft of footwear and the role it plays in fashion.

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