“My favorite shoes: I’ll wear them all”

A list of the most famous footwear in the world, and one that has taken on a life of its own.

Here’s a look at the top 10.1.

The Nike Air Max 1, by Nike.

“The most iconic shoes in the universe, Nike’s Air Max One is a modern take on the classic Nike Air Force 1” – USAToday.com2.

The Air Max 350, by Adidas.

“This mid-foot sneaker has the same level of comfort as the Air Max and Air Max 2” – The Wall Street Journal3.

The Vans NMD, by Vans.

“A sleek, slim silhouette that offers a blend of classic silhouettes with modern trends” – StyleDaily.com4.

Nike Air Dunk, by adidas.

“As you’d expect from Nike, this sneaker is made for everyday wear” – TimeOutNewYork.com5.

The Adidas NMD Boost, by Boost.

“Adidas is making a comeback with a new sneaker in the Boost collection” – Gizmodo6.

The adidas Boost Pro, by Adidas.

“The Boost Pro sneaker features a more modern silhouette with a slim fit” – OutNow7.

The Jordan Brand x Nike Boost, Jordan Brand.

 “Nike’s Boost Pro Boost has a new midsole that is much lighter” – Running Pics8.

The Sneaker Bum, by Sockable.

“Sneaker Bums are just as comfortable as the Boost Pro” – Runner.com9.

The New Balance Air Max, by New Balance.

“This shoe features an innovative design with a midsole made out of a mesh” – Run&Shoot10.

The Michael Kors Kona, by Michael K. Williams.

For more information on footwear, visit shoehub.com.

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