‘We have a good time with the Skechers’ on the cover of the Sunday People

The Skechers have a pretty good track record for shoe-wearing, having released three albums in a row, the latest of which is The Skellers New Year’s Resurrections.

The band also released their fifth album in a year, New Year, and a live album in February.

The group’s latest release is the Skecher Skechers New Year 2018, which is out now.

The album features a number of tunes including “The World’s Most Beautiful Thing”, which was produced by the late Tom Waits, and “Wise Up”, which is a cover of Kanye West’s “Wu-Tang Clan”.

There’s also “The End”, a track off Skechers debut album, which features guest vocals from rapper Young Thug.

The Skecher also released a song called “Tiger Mom”, which features the likes of the late Snoop Dogg and Snoop Lion, and is the first Skecher album to feature guest vocals.

It’s a pretty great album, and it’s an excellent choice for a holiday, whether you’re into the hip-hop music, or just want to get out of the house.

Listen to “The Skechers Great Christmas Song” and “Tigers Mom” on the Skechers New Years Resurctions album here.

Listeners are also encouraged to “take a good look at the band’s other albums” on their favourite album playlist on The Skechchers website, which includes tracks from The Skecers New Year and New Years Resurctions.

“The world is going to change, but the world is not ready to,” Skechers frontman and guitarist Tom Waitt said in a press release.

“In the last year, the world has been transformed in many ways and with so many great artists in the music business, it’s important for us to be present and share this with the world.”

You can listen to the Skeches New Year Resurction albums and songs on The Sunday People’s playlist below.

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