How to buy shoes with a little extra flair

The next time you shop at a store, think about what kind of shoes you’d prefer to wear, but also what kind you can’t wear.

For instance, I was looking at the latest Merrell Performance footwear, which was announced today and comes in a range of colorways ranging from burgundy to pink.

The shoes, which are currently available in the United States, can be purchased through Merrell or online.

Merrell describes the new Performance sneakers as “inspired by the classic look and comfort of classic men’s shoes.”

It’s also the first of its kind, according to Merrell CEO and CEO Scott Miller.

“Merrell’s commitment to creating shoes that inspire the next generation of men continues,” Miller told the Wall Street Journal.

In other words, the company is using the new models to get in on the action.

As a matter of fact, the first pair of Merrells that Miller will introduce will be the Merrell S3, which will be available starting in late April.

It comes in both white and red.

The Merrell M4 is similar to the S3 in that it has black suede and is available in black and white.

It will be announced in early May, Miller said.

These new shoes will also come in three colors, which Miller says will give people the option of “totally transforming the way they look.”

In terms of style, the MerriLL Performance footwear is very different from the older shoes, but it has some similarities.

The M4s have the same leather-like sole that gives them a slightly less stiff feel than the S2s, but they are made from a different leather.

And the M4 has an elastic midsole that lets you stretch out your foot and add a little support to the heel.

The company also claims that these shoes are lighter than the current versions.

The S3s and M4 have both been on sale for years, but the M5s are the first ones to launch.

The new M5 sneakers are available in two colors: pink and black.

The color is inspired by Merrell’s classic menís shoe, but Miller says they’ve decided to go with black because of the color of the suede.

The sole of the shoe has a soft touch and it’s very comfortable.

The suede on the M7 sneakers, which is currently available, is actually suede made by a Japanese company, so it has a different texture than the Merrill S3.

The toe box is also different from those on the S7.

The shoe has the same design, but there are also new detailing on the sole and the heel to help you keep your foot on the ground.

It also has a smaller toe box to help with comfort, so you’ll be able to wear them longer.

The other shoe that Miller has announced today is the MerrieSuit, which also comes in two color options: black and pink.

While the MerleeSuit looks similar to Merrilees traditional black suit, the leather on this shoe is slightly different.

Miller said the new merrell shoes will be made in the same way as Merrie suits, and they will be sold in a wide variety of colors.

In addition, Miller says the company has plans to launch an “adventure shoe” in the next couple of years.

That will be a “classic black and red shoe,” but there will be some subtle differences in the color.

It’s not clear what kind, but Merries classic black and orange are now available in red and black, and there is also a pink color for now.

It looks like Merrie is going to make a more subtle change to its signature black suit in the coming months, but as far as the merrells classic suit goes, Miller is keeping mum.

Merrie has had a long relationship with the shoe brand and is also responsible for the Merries iconic colorways.

In fact, in 2015, Merrell released a special version of the Merricos signature suit that featured black suedes and orange accents.

As for the future of the classic Merrell, Miller told me the company wants to continue to build on the brand’s heritage.

“We have to continue our journey in this space, because it’s a great time to be an innovative company and do something different,” he said.

“And we want to continue innovating on a range, because we know we’re going to see an explosion of shoes in the future.”

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