Why Viva’s Vogue Shoes are the Best Shoes for Everyday Carry

Teva Shoes, the makers of the Viva footwear, has partnered with Archies to give fans a great deal on their footwear, with a $25 coupon for their purchase of a pair of shoes that matches the color scheme of the archies logo.

Teva will also give a $50 coupon to any fan that buys the Vivo shoes, which comes with a pair.

“We’re super excited to be partnering with Archie’s and Teva to help you celebrate your favorite archies favorite shoes and get a great price,” said Teva VP of Branding and Social Media Jessica Boulter.

“You’ll get a beautiful pair of Viva shoes that look great on your shoes, and they’ll be even more special when you wear them to a wedding or anniversary.

These shoes will make you feel like a true champion for your favorite team.”

The shoes can be purchased online through Teva’s site, Archies.com, or through the store’s online store.

Archies Shoes will also be making an exclusive limited edition Viva shoe in-store during this month’s event.

The shoes, called “Viva Shoe #9,” feature a signature red and black design.

They come with a limited edition “Crazy” logo embroidered on the heel, as well as a “Vivi Shoe” logo printed on the toe cap.

Archie is also offering a $20 discount on any Viva Shoes purchase through April 21st, so you can snag a pair for $22.49.

“Our Viva Shoes are a true testament to the passion and dedication that the archie community has for this company,” said Boulters Director of Retail Marketing and Social Strategy Jennifer Lauer.

“The fact that the Archies team has worked together with Teva for this partnership shows the incredible passion that Archies fans have for their favorite team.

We’re thrilled to have these Viva sneakers on store as part of our Archies footwear selection, and look forward to seeing you at the games this season.”

Archies and Tevas footwear partnership also means that fans who shop through Archies shoes and Archies social media channels can get a special coupon for Archies members on April 11.

Archys and Tevas shoes are on sale at all Archies locations for $25, with the price reduced to $15 on April 14, April 17, April 20, and April 22.

Archy fans can also shop for Archy shoes on Teva.com.

For more information, visit archies.us/shop.

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